The advantages of the vibration system (BS) and the epoxy resin bedding (AR) are combined in the KAGETEC® GFK-System. This combination and the installation of fabric reinforcement directly underneath the tile guarantees a notably increased system security and is recommended for areas with extreme industrial load.

The KAGETEC® GFK-System was specially developed for the application in the food and beverage industry. The demands of industrial floors are very high in these branches. By means of tile paving on prepared epoxy resin layer with simultaneous mechanical compression the GFK-System stands out for substantial advantages:

- clearly higher security through a continuous, liquid-tight, chemical-resistant and armored epoxy resin layer underneath the tile surface
- epoxy resin laying on fresh screed
- sealing and laying in one working step
- distinct time and cost reduction
- crack bridging and load distribution through special fabric
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